Condominium and multi-family living is a new experience for many of us and requires an understanding of its principles and operation. It is important to remember that whatever is done in the community affects all of us who reside here, whether it is full-time or part-time. With everyone’s cooperation, all may enjoy the advantages of condominium living. Thoughtfulness and courtesy are the paramount objectives.


In order to protect your investment and create a congenial and dignified residential atmosphere, your Board of Directors has adopted these Rules and Regulations that must be adhered to by you as a Homeowner, your family members and your guests, including renters. These requirements have been established to provide conformity, a visual and aesthetic consistency within the community that is both pleasant and desirable. The Rules and Regulations were adopted from the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Tidewater and the Master Deed for Teal Lake Village and through previous Rules and Regulations established since the Teal Lake Village Homeowners Association was created.


Experience proves these rules meet the approval of a large majority of Homeowners who feel that implementation of them is the only means of achieving success in condominium living. It is felt that if all abide by these Rules, no one’s privileges will be infringed upon or denied. The Teal Lake Village Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors shall have final authority on any item subject to the Rules and Regulations of Teal Lake Village.


Any questions, suggestions or comments should be made to the Managing Agent or Board of Directors, preferably in writing. If the Managing Agent is unable to resolve your concerns, they will be referred to the Board of Directors. It is asked that everyone follow this procedure so that your requests may be handled in an orderly manner.




The Board of Directors of the

Teal Lake Village Homeowners Association, Inc.



Revised April 8, 2014









1.      GENERAL


Each Homeowner is responsible for the proper conduct of members of their family, renters, guests, and service personnel; this includes their understanding and observance of all Teal Lake Village’s (TLV) Rules and Regulations. No person under the age of 18 years is permitted to reside in a unit unless the parentsor the Homeowner of the unit is in residence at the same time. Any exception to this rule must be made in writing to the Board of Directors.


It is also the Homeowner’s responsibility that all renters be advised of TLV’s Rules and Regulations. Therefore, all Homeowners who rent their units through a Rental Agency are required to give them a copy of these Rules and Regulations. Ultimately, it is the Homeowner who will be held responsible for violations committed by family members, guests, renters or service personnel.


2.      STAFF


The number of employees and/or maintenance subcontractors is limited by our budget and each has a full work schedule. Only the Managing Agent of TLV or the President of the TLV Board is authorized by the Board of Directors to give instructions to these employees or subcontractors. If a Homeowner has an issue or request, it needs to be submitted to the Managing Agent or the President of the TLV Board for action.


3.      SECURITY


Security is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Depending upon the nature of the situation, Homeowners are requested to notify the Police (911) and Tidewater Security (843-249-0909) of any suspicious people, activity or trespassing. In all situations Tidewater Security needs to be notified that you have called the Police. The Managing Agent should also be informed of any such incident. (843-839-3131)

Tidewater Security must be notified of any individual that will be entering Tidewater Property to access TLV. This includes guests, whether they are family members, friends, renters, service personnel or delivery personnel. If Security is not called with this information, the individual will not be given access to property.


4.      GUESTS


Guests are to be given a copy of the Rules and Regulations and it is the Homeowner’s responsibility for their observance of such rules.


Being thoughtful of one’s neighbor is an answer to good living and is an especially important consideration in a multi-family building. Loud talking and the volume of televisions, stereo equipment and musical instruments must be kept to a minimum at all times; especially between the hours of 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM. If you should be disturbed by noise, please notify Tidewater Security. (843-249-0909)



The respective maintenance, repair and replacement obligations of the Teal Lake Village Homeowners

Association, Inc. (Association) and individual Teal Lake Homeowners (Homeowner) are set forth in this section of the Rules and Regulations. In general, the Association is to maintain, repair, and replace the Common Elements, and the Homeowner is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement within his or her Unit as defined in the Master Deed, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. The following references are meant to be guides by which the maintenance, repair and/or replacement responsibilities are defined for the Association and Homeowners.


  1. Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment, Weatherization

  1. Association Responsibility - The Association is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement of Common Element plumbing, air conditioning and heating components that serve more than one Unit. Components include main sewer lines, sewer lines that service more than one Unit, exterior drains, all plumbing at the pool, domestic water lines that service more than one Unit, domestic water lines buried in the ground outside of the Unit boundaries, any waste/fireplace stacks that service more than one Unit, and any valves and meters in the Common areas.

The Association is responsible to maintain heat at a minimum of 60 degrees F at all times in the winter to mitigate freeze damage when the exterior temperature is 32 degrees F or below and to maintain air conditioning at 78 degrees F in the summer to mitigate mildew/mold damage in any Common Element Building and any Unit owned by the Association.

  1. Homeowner Responsibility - The Homeowners is responsible for the maintenance, repair and/or replacement of the plumbing systems, air conditioning and heating systems including fireplaces serving only one Unit, such as toilets, sinks, showers, washing machines risers (refers to water lines), disposals, drains, waste stacks serving only one Unit, fireplace flues, outside water faucets, hot water heaters, domestic hot and cold water lines and, any other component within the boundaries of a Unit.

The Homeowner is responsible to maintain heat in his or her Unit at a minimum of 60 degrees F at all times in the winter to mitigate freeze damage when the exterior temperature is 32degrees F or below and maintain air conditioning at 78 degrees F in the summer to prevent mildew/mold damage.

NOTE - Homeowners who fail to comply with these guidelines will be held responsible for repairing damages caused by their neglect including damages to the Association and Homeowners of other Units.


  1. Electrical

  1. Association Responsibility – The Association is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement of Common Element lighting systems, such as street lights, sidewalk lights, security lights in the Common areas, all pool lights, all wiring servicing those lights, all electrical components at the pool, all meters and covers not under control of a utility company, all hallway lights and electrical outlets in Common areas, and light bulbs for Common area lighting.

  2. Homeowner Responsibility – The Homeowner is responsible for the maintenance, repair and/or replacement of electrical systems and fixtures serving only one Unit such as electrical panels, interior lighting fixtures and wiring within the Unit boundaries, outlets, switches, fans, motors, appliances, disposals, telephones and changing light bulbs.


  1. Exterior of Buildings

  1. Associations Responsibility – The Association is responsible for the maintenance, repair and/or replacement of the Common Elements such as the foundations, including the foundation for the decks in the Limited Common areas of the Villas Units, roofs, gutters and downspouts, sidewalks, stairwells, painting the exterior walls, windows, window frames, doors, door frames and exterior fences.

  2. Homeowner Responsibility – The Homeowner is responsible for the maintenance, repair and/or replacement of exterior doors including storm/screen doors, door locks, hinges, thresholds and weather stripping, glass panes, and Villa Unit decks and railings, including the painting thereof.


  1. Maintenance by the Association

The Board of Directors of the Association may act to maintain, repair and replace any component and/or item which is the responsibility of the Homeowner provided such maintenance, repair and/or replacement is necessary to prevent damage to other Units or the Common Elements or if the Homeowner fails to perform such maintenance, repair and/or replacement after written request to do so by the Board of Directors or the Management Company. Any cost or expense incurred by the Association while performing the Homeowner’s responsibility is at the Homeowner’s expense.

NOTE - In the event of emergencies (circumstances when life or property is at risk), the Association shall perform the necessary maintenance, repair and/or replacement to stabilize a condition that could affect other Units or Common Elements. During these emergencies the Association has the right to enter the Unit without notice to stabilize the condition and all costs and expenses incurred by the Association while dealing with theemergency will be billed to the Homeowner.




Consistent with the North Myrtle Beach smoking ban and in order to provide our owners with a family friendly, safe environment, TLV adopted a no smoking policy effective March 1, 2012. Smoking of any type (i.e. – cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) will not be permitted in or around any TLV facility (swimming complex and mail kiosk) and, due to limited air flow, any entranceway to individual units.


This restriction does not apply to the interior of individual units, porches, decks, limited common areas or other common areas not mentioned above.


6.      PETS


  1. Homeowners who rent their units are responsible to assure that they or their rental agent notify renters of the required Teal Lake Rules and Regulations concerning their pets. Only Homeowners and long-term renters (with a 6 month or longer lease on file with the Managing Agent) are allowed to have pets and then only in the units that they own or lease. The number of pets per unit shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) (note - owners with more than two pets prior to March 1, 2012 shall be “grandfathered” for the life of their existing pets). Guests or short-term renters (less than half a year) are not permitted to have pets in any unit or on the property. Pets are required to be on a leash while on TLV property. The Homeowner, guests and/or renters shall indemnify the Association and hold it harmless against any loss or liability of any kind or character, what-so-ever, arising from or growing out of having any animal on TLV property. If an animal becomes obnoxious to others, the animal’s owner must cause the problem to be corrected; or the owner, upon notice by the Association, will be required to remove the animal from the premises. In no event shall pets be chained or secured in any manner on the exterior of the condominium property.  




  1. All Homeowners and long-term renters are required to register their pets with the Managing Agent of TLV and provide proof of up to date inoculations. Pets must have the required Tidewater tag on them at all times while on TLV property, allowing for their identification and return should they get loose.


  1. No potentially dangerous and/or exotic pets or live stock of any kind are permitted on TLV property. Dangerous or exotic pets include, but are not limited to snakes, lizards, primates, rats, mice, spiders, alligators, skunks, raccoons, wolf/dog hybrids and exotic cats.


  1. Homeowners should not, under any circumstances, feed stray animals.




No resident shall use or permit to be brought into a dwelling or storage facility any flammable oils or fluids such as gasoline, kerosene, propane gas tanks or explosives or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property.


8.      VEHICLES


  1. Electric or gas motorized motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, or mopeds etc. are not allowed on TLV Property. The riding within TLV of such vehicles is strictly prohibited.


  1. There shall be no storage or parking anywhere on TLV Property of motorcycles, electric or motorized bicycles, electric or motorized go-carts, electric or motorized scooters, mobile homes, trailers (either with or without wheels), motor homes, tractors, trucks (other than pick-up trucks), commercial vehicles of any type, campers, motorized campers or trailers, recreational vehicles, boats or other watercraft, boat trailers, or any other related form of transportation device, except in those areas specifically designated for outdoor storage. Individuals with these types of vehicles may inquire at the Gatehouse for the location of such storage areas. Such vehicles may however be loaded or unloaded at the Homeowner’s unit, but cannot remain parked on TLV Property. Vehicles with advertising decals, placards, or signs are not allowed to park overnight on TLV Property.

  1. No vehicle on TLV Property can be utilized as living or sleeping quarters, nor can they be used as a storage device if such storage is visible.


  1. Inoperable or unregistered vehicles are not permitted on the premises. All vehicles on TLV Property must be appropriately registered. Any vehicle determined to be left abandoned by the Association shall be removed by a towing agency at the Homeowner’s expense. The Homeowner shall be given notice prior to removal to remedy the situation before action is taken.


  1. Vehicles are to be parked in paved parking spaces. No parking of vehicles on grassed or landscaped areas is allowed.


  1. No vehicles are allowed to be driven on any sidewalks or entranceways. All loading or unloading of vehicles must be done from the parking lot surface areas.




Use of the Teal Lake swimming pool is permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Since the Association does not employ life guards, PERSONS USING THESE FACILITIES DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. Any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when using the pool or in the pool area. The owner is responsible for all costs associated with pool “clean-up” due to owner/guest action (ie, broken glass, defecation, etc.) Note: costs can exceed $2000.00. The following rules apply to the TLV pool:


  1. The TLV pool is a non-smoking facility. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the pool complex.


  1. Appropriate attire is required at all times (i.e. - conventional swimwear: no thongs, string bikinis, etc.).


  1. The loud use of radios, portable disc players and MP3s in the pool area can be annoying to others present, therefore the use of these devices is discouraged. If such items are brought to the pool, earphones should be used and the volume must be kept as low as possible.


  1. Air mattresses, floats, balls or other paraphernalia of a similar nature, except swimming aides, are not permitted in the pool.


  1. No animals or pets are allowed in the pool, on the pool deck or anywhere in the pool area.


  1. No children under the age of 16 should be in the pool or in the pool area without adult supervision. 


  1. There should be no running, jumping, diving, boisterous or rough play.


  1. There should be no solo swimming.


  1. The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in the pool area. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.


  1. There should be no spitting or blowing nose in the pool.


  1. Persons with diarrhea illness or nausea should not enter the pool.


  1. Persons with skin, eye or respiratory infections as well as open lesions, wounds or communicable diseases should not enter the pool.


  1. Persons using suntan oils or lotions should place a towel over pool furniture when using it.


  1. All persons should shower before entering the pool.


  1. When not in the pool area, chaise lounges should not be “reserved” by leaving towels or beach clothing draped over them.


  1. Any children who are not “potty” trained are not permitted in the pool unless they are wearing properly fitted rubber pants or “Little Swimmers”.


  1. No glass should be brought into the pool or in the pool area; plastic or other non-glass containers must be used.

  1. All food must be consumed under the pergola at the pool, or on the terrace of the pool.


  1. All trash should be disposed of in the appropriate containers provided.


  1. The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 68.


  1. An emergency phone is located near the rest rooms.


10.   TRASH


  1. All Homeowners, Guests and Renters are expected to share the responsibility for maintaining clean grounds throughout TLV Property, including all limited and common areas. All trash, garbage, etc. shall be properly bagged and secured in heavy-duty trash bags and carefully placed in the appropriate receptacles provided between each of the building. All recycling material (such as cans, bottles, newspapers etc.) should be kept separate and placed in the Blue Receptacles provided between each building. All cardboard boxes should be broken down before discarding. Guests and Renters shall be educated as to the location of the trash receptacles and the preparations that must be made prior to placement of trash in receptacles.


  1. Homeowners who rent their units are responsible to assure that their Rental Agent notify Renters of the required procedure for trash disposal.




  1. Articles of clothing, linens, towels, etc. are not to be placed, hung or draped on porches, decks, entranceways or windowsills.


  1. Storage of bicycles, coolers, child strollers, pool equipment, storage racks, roof carries, etc. is not allowed in the front areas of any building or any common areas; including areas under stairways or decks. Nor are any items to be stored in HVAC or sprinkler closet areas of any building. All entranceways, walkways, stairways and landings must remain clear at all times. (BIKE EXCEPTION: For units in buildings 4,5,7,8,25,26,27 and 28 bicycles may be stored under the center stairway to the second floor only. No item other than bicycles may be stored in these areas).


  1. Smoking items should be disposed of in appropriate containers and not discarded on any common areas.


  1. Common areas, sidewalks, stairways, parking areas and streets are not playgrounds. Ball playing, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. are strictly prohibited on TLV Property due to safety concerns as these areas are primarily used for vehicular ingress and egress. In addition, “chalk-writing” on sidewalks, stairways, landings, paths, parking lots and streets is not allowed.


  1. Furniture placed on the front area of a unit must conform to the color specifications identified in Rule 13 and should not be excessive in number or inappropriate in size. Placements of furniture on the front entrance of a unit MUST NOT block the stairway, landing or entranceway to any unit. Injection molded plastic furniture orplastic or syntheticflowers are not acceptable. The Association maintains the right to determine if furniture is excessive in number or is size inappropriate and can request that the Homeowner remove it. If the Homeowner does not comply with the Association’s request, the furniture will be removed at the Homeowner’s expense.


  1. Weather vanes, wind chimes, bird feeders, thermometers, umbrella stands etc. are not allowed on the front areas of any unit. Windsocks are not allowed in TLV and weathervanes require approval of the TLV Board prior to installation. Satellite dishes are allowed. The location of a satellite dish must be approved by the TLV BOD prior to installation. Bird feeders are acceptable in the common areas in the rear of any unit provided they are not excessive in number and not overly large. Plastic is acceptable as long as it is a natural, neutral color.


  1. Any items including glass items, such as ceramic planters and table tops, which may be hazardous during high winds and storms, are to be moved to a safe, enclosed area prior to any storm or when a unit is unoccupied for an extended period of time.


  1. Sprinkler closets in each building shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed; nor shall any sweepings, rubbish, rags, ashes, or any other articles be thrown or stored in them. Any damage resulting from the misuse of any sprinkler closet shall be paid for by the Homeowner of the unit that caused the damage.




  1. One welcome sign or name sign is acceptable and can be attached to the building near the Homeowner’s front entranceway as long as it does not exceed 2 square feet in size. One wreath is allowed at or near the front door as long as it does not exceed 2 square feet in size. Extremely bright, fluorescent type colors or excessive designs with many colors should not be used. Signs and wreaths placed by the Homeowner’s entranceway must conform to the color specifications identified in Rule 13. No wall art is allowed in the front of any unit.


  1. No sign, advertising or notice of any kind or type whatsoever, including, but not limited to, “FOR RENT” or “FOR SALE”, shall be posted in any manner as to be visible from the exterior of any dwelling. 


  1. When applying items to the building, as well as when removing any items that were previously attached to the building, care must be taken not to damage the wood siding.




  1. Colors that blend with the natural appearance of the building are allowed. Furniture on the front area of any unit must be of a color that blends with the exterior color of the building. The Association maintains the right to determine if an object of a certain color does not stand within the guidelines as defined. The intent is to be consistent in all areas and not have colors that are excessive or do not blend with the natural environment of TLV.


  1. Earth-toned and natural colors that blend in are the rule. The following colorsor anyvariation of these colors or shades thereof (Such as pink, lavender etc.). should be used in limited amounts and not be the dominant color in the design of signs, wreaths and/ or furniture placed in the front entry of any unit:


Blue Red Yellow White Orange Purple Lime


Fluorescent colors of any design are also not allowed. 

  1. The TLV Board has the final authority to determine if an item is excessive in design, color or structure and request that the Homeowner remove such item.




  1. All statuary is prohibited in the front areas of any unit and in all common areas. Statuary may however be placed in the limited common area of a Unit.


  1. Statuary that is placed in a limited common area should be used as part of an overall landscape plan and not made to be a focal point. Statuary that is small in nature is acceptable as long as it is natural in color. Preferred materials are concrete and wood although metal statuary with a Vertis finish is also acceptable. Plastic statuary is strictly forbidden.




A. Planters, pots, and hanging plants that are of natural color and materials are acceptable as long as they are not excessive in number, size or visually offensive from the street, golf course or adjacent neighbor. When applying items to the building, as well as when removing any items that were previously attached to the building, care must be taken not to damage the wood siding.


B. Each Unit is allowed to have no more than 2 five gallon plants at the entrance to their Unit. Plants at the entry cannot exceed 36 inches in height from the deck or ground surface. The placement of these plants must not block the entrance of any Unit; be placed on any stairway or landing; or obstruct the entranceway or walkway of any Unit.


  1. Planters must be of natural color constructed of wood, ceramic, terra cotta, concrete or even plastic and the color must blend with the natural color of the exterior of the building. White is not an acceptable color and black plastic nursery containers are not allowed.


  1. The usage of artificial or synthetic plants and greens outside any unit is prohibited. When plants become lifeless and aged, and when planters become worn or damaged, it is the Homeowner’s responsibility to remove such items. The TLV Board has the authority to remove any item that appears unsightly if, after the Homeowner is notified, the situation is not corrected.




The Homeowner shall be liable for all damages to buildings, landscaping and sidewalks caused by the Homeowner or their Guests, Renters, Service Personnel or Agents. This includes damage caused by, but not limited to, receiving deliveries or moving/removing furniture or other articles from the building. The Homeowner is ultimately responsible for damages done by a Guest or Renter who occupies their Unit or a Service Personnel or Agent hired by the Homeowner or their Guest or Renter.

Homeowners are responsible for purchasing and maintaining H06 insurance coverage on their unit(s).




  1. Due to limited airflow in these areas, smoking in entranceways is prohibited.


  1. The landscaped areas and walkways in front of each Unit and the entranceways to each Unit are not to be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress to the Unit. No bicycles, carriages or similar vehicles or toys or other personal articles shall be allowed to stand in any of these areas.


  1. At the rear entrance way to a unit, a maximum of 12 square feet of flat earthen color steps (1 square foot in size) may be placed.


  1. Supplemental Doors – Storm/Screen Doors - Supplemental doors may be added to a TLV Unit; however, they are to be full glass and/or screen and non-decorative. The color should match the permanent door and the trim around the door. Doors that may be added are:

1.    Front entrance - storm door

2.    Porch – screen or storm door

3.    Balcony – screen or storm door

4.    Back and Carolina Room - screen or storm door (where the unit has a Carolina Room, the door may match the color of the slider.)

Request for adding a door is to be made to the TLV Board.


E.   Courtyard Gates - For Units with Courtyards, gates may be added to the fence as long as the following construction guidelines are followed:

    Beveled on top to match existing fence

    Open design using 2” X 2” spindles (to match existing balcony railings, solid gates are not permitted)

    Stained to match existing fence

    Refer to Unit 714 for allowable design

Request for adding gates are to be made to the TLV Board in writing. Any other style not conforming to the above or of a temporary nature is not acceptable and must be removed.




ONLY ELECTRIC GRILLS ARE ALLOWED AT TLV. The use and storage of charcoal or gas grills of any nature is strictly prohibited. No open fires are permitted under any circumstance on TLV Property. When using electric grills, it is the Homeowner’s responsibility to assure that they are used correctly and safely.




Car maintenance (i.e., changing of oil, engine work, etc.) is not permitted on TLV Property.




PLEASE OBSERVE STOP SIGNS AND DRIVE SLOWLY, as traffic control is imperative for the safety of all. All paved areas on TLV Property are parking lots: no area is a thoroughfare. Please drive with caution and watch for pedestrians and vehicles backing out of parking spaces.




Seasonal decorations for customary holidays are acceptable as long as they do not go to excess.  They should be tasteful and not provide excessive amounts of light or noise to neighboring properties.  Seasonal decorations should not be installed more than thirty (30) days prior to the holiday and must be removed no later than ten (10) days following the holiday.  Exterior lights, if used, should be white and non-blinking lights. Perimeter lighting so as to create a light border around the unit is not allowed. Plastic ornamentation for seasonal decorations such as lawn figures or lawn scenes is not acceptable. Balloons or party decorations are acceptable for the day of a party as long as they are not carried to excess as determined in the sole discretion of Teal Lakes Board of Directors; and should be removed prior to the next morning.




In addition to displaying the American Flag, flags identified with themes, holidays, seasons, sporting teams are permitted to be displayed.  So as to provide an element of control and consistency throughout the community, a maximum of one (1) full-size flag (typically 28"x40") and one (1) garden flag (typically 13"x18") are permitted to be displayed.  The full-size flag and flagpole must be attached to the exterior of the unit and must be located near the front entry of the unit.  The garden flag must be displayed near the front or rear entry and be no more than 36" in height, including holder. If the Homeowner displays an American Flag, it is their responsibility to maintain the flag and replace it if it becomes faded, torn or otherwise damaged.


23. LANDSCAPING OF LIMITED COMMON AREAS – COURTYARDS (This applies to the fenced in areas at the rear of the buildings 4,5,7,8,25,26,27 and 28.)


The Homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and appearance of the deck and open space connected to their Unit at all times. Homeowners will be notified and allowed thirty (30) days to correct all deficiencies if their courtyard is not properly maintained. The Homeowner will be fined $100.00 if the deficiencies are not corrected within thirty (30) day of notification, and will be fined an additional $100.00 each month thereafter until the deficiencies are corrected. In addition, the TLV Board maintains the right, following notification of the Homeowner, to correct any deficiency at the owner’s expense.


Restrictions and requirements on COURTYARDS:


  1. Plantings, other than trees, are to be no higher than 48 inches and all foliage cannot be closer than six (6) inches from any wood surfaces such as the deck and the fence. Crepe myrtles and any other tall growing plantings should be maintained at a height so as not to block the view of the 2nd story units.


  1. Creeping grasses must be maintained inside the limited common area.


  1. Termite traps must not be disturbed or covered by mulch or foliage.


  1. Weed control is required. Mulching is preferred, but if grass is planted it must be maintained at the recommended level for the type of grass chosen.


  1. Trees are not to be planted in courtyards unless approved by the TLV Board and Tidewater Design Review Board. Tree limbs are to be pruned so that they will not over hang the roof or brush against the building in a wind storm.


  1. Plantings must be on the Tidewater Design Review Board approved list. Prior to any changes being made to existing plantings, approval must first be obtained from both the TLV Board and the Design Review Board.


  1. One (1) piece of wall art not to exceed nine (9) square feet may be placed on the building in the limited common area. The piece of wall art must blend with the natural appearance of the building. When applying items to the building as well as when removing any items that were previously attached, care must be taken not to damage the wood siding.


  1. Broken items, such as deck furniture, lawn or ornamental yard items, must be removed promptly.


  1. Storage of bicycles, coolers empty pots, planters and gardening implements (etc.) cannot be stored so that they are visible to people passing by.


  1. Area, including the deck, must be kept free of debris and dead foliage.


  1. Courtyards are to be maintained in a neat and clean fashion at all times. Dead plantings and foliage must be removed.


  1. Gates must be approved by the TLV Board and no temporary gates are permitted.




If you are expecting visitors or allowing someone access to your unit, (i.e., technician, out-of-town Guests or relatives) you MUST CALL TIDEWATER SECURITY before their arrival. The Gatehouse number is 249-0909. If a visitor arrives without Security being notified, a telephone call will be made to your Unit, and if there is no answer, the guest will be denied access. Also, if a visitor is arriving when you are not at home, please provide them with a key to your Unit in advance of their arrival, as the Security staff cannot leave the Gatehouse unattended.




In order to facilitate the proper handling of the fire alarm and key vault systems, as well as to facilitate monthly pest control, the Association must retain two (2) sets of keys to each unit. No Homeowner shall alter any lock or install a new lock on any door leading into their unit without providing two (2) workable sets of keys to the Managing Agent.




Fishing is not allowed anywhere on Tidewater Plantation.



This property is restricted to players and golf course personnel. At no time should residents or their guests use these paths for walking, jogging or bicycle riding.




A copy of the reservation guidelines can be obtained through the offices of the Managing Agent.




In the event of an emergency, please immediately call 911 for emergency response. This call should immediately be followed by a call to Tidewater Security (249-0909) to apprise them of the arrival of an emergency vehicle and to insure prompt and correct directional information.




From time to time Representatives of the TLV Board will inspect properties and notify the Managing Agent of any violations.


1.   If the Managing Agent determines that a violation has occurred, per the above, or as a result of their own inspection, they will issued a written “notice” to the Homeowner involved at his/her last known address. The notice will provide a description of the violation, the corrective action required, the date by which corrective action must be completed (thirty (30) days from the date of the notice), and the consequences if the violation is not corrected within the required timeframe.


2.   The first violation “notice” relative to an infraction shall be issued as a warning unless the Managing Agent, in conjunction with the TLV Board, determines it to be a matter of public safety or a violation so egregious as to waive the warning provision. Any subsequent ”notice” relative to the same infraction and/or failure to cure a previous or similar infraction, shall be subject to penalties levied by the TLV Board.


3.   If a violation is not corrected within thirty (30) days of the mailing of the first “notice” of violation, the Homeowner(s) will be fined in accordance with the following fine schedule:

-   $100.00 for the first non-compliance (sent at the time of the second mailing)

-   $300.00 for the second non-compliance (sent thirty (30) days after second fine notice)

-   $300.00 for every thirty (30) days thereafter until compliance


4.   Once a fine exceeds $1,000 or becomes more than 90 days past due, collection proceedings will be implemented. All cost associated with the collection process shall be added to the outstanding fine balance. Collection proceedings shall include, but are not limited to, the use of the County Magistrate Court, filing of a lien on the property and possible foreclosure to satisfy the lien.



The TLV Board, on behalf of the Association, reserves the right to change or revoke existing Rules and Regulations and make such additional Rules and Regulations from time to time as, in their opinion, shall be necessary for the safety and protection of the buildings and their occupants, and to provide cleanliness and good order of the property and the convenience of all members.




Emergency 911 Tidewater Security 843-249-0909


 Managing Agent 843-839-3131 Property Manager 843-424-7453


 Managing Agent Help Desk 800-215-0023




Association: The Teal Lake Village Homeowners Association.


TLV Board: The elected Board of Directors of the Teal Lake Village Homeowners Association.


Villa/Unit: The Condominium or Villa located within one of the 27 buildings in Teal Lake Village.


Common Areas: For purposes of usage within the TLV Rules and Regulations, shall mean and comprise all of the land, real property, improvements and facilities of the Association other than the individually owned Villas/Units and those areas designated as Limited Common Areas.


Limited Common Areas: For the purpose of usage within the TLV Rules and Regulations, shall mean those areas that are for the exclusive use of the Homeowner of that Villa/ Unit. This includes any balcony, deck, patio or courtyard adjacent to each Villa/Unit.


Managing Agent: This is the individual, corporation or company that has been hired by the Teal Lake Village Homeowners Association to manage and operate the physical and financial operations of Teal Lake Village.


Rental Agent: The agent/agency hired by a Villa/Unit Homeowner to be responsible for the rental of their unit.


Tidewater Security: The Security Agency hired by the Tidewater Plantation Community Association which is located within the Gatehouse at the front entrance of Tidewater Plantation.