Rule Number

Alcoholic Beverages


Animals, Pets



Contractor’s Authorization of Passes

2A, 2C, 6A, 18A

Contractor’s Employees

5D, 5E, 18A


Damages to Common Property

11B, 11C

Deliveries to Site

13A, 13C

Deliveries and Responsibilities


Debris Disposal


Debris Violation

14A, 14C, 14D

Digging on Common Property



Entry to Property

1A, 18A


Facility Use (Fish, Hunt, Swim)


Fires (Burning on site)



Hours for All Workers

7A, 7B

Hours Extended

7C, 7D, 8B


Insurance Requirements



Lot Clearing



Meter Base

10C, 10E





Passes for Workers

1C, 3C, 6B

Passes Displayed in Vehicles


Project Identification Sign

10A, 10C, 10D


Radios on Site


Rules and Enforcement

18B, 19A, 19B


Search and Seizure


Signs and Locations

10A, 10B, 10D, 10E

Speed Limits

3B, 3C

Site Requirements

12A, 12D, 12E

Site Workers – To and From

3A, 4A, 4B, 18A

Site Parking

5A, 5B

Southern Land & Golf Responsibilities


Storage of Equipment and Materials




13E, 13F

Terminated Employees


Trash Containers & Toilets

12C, 12D, 12F, 12G

Trees and Vegetation

15A, 15C, 15E


Vehicles,  Parking and Overnight Parking, Weight Limitations, Operation of

5A, 5B, 5C



The following rules shall apply to all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, service companies and delivery personnel entering Tidewater, as well as any others who are not property owners or guests at Tidewater.


Rule Number



In order to enter the property, you must first obtain a Contractor’s Pass from the Tidewater security gate house.


Thereafter, the Contractor’s Pass must be displayed on your vehicle where visible to security personnel.


Contractor’s Passes are for your exclusive use only and are not assignable.  You are to return the pass immediately upon completion of the job for which you are permitted.  Replacement charges for lost Contractor’s Pass is as follows: All replacements will cost $10.00, which the security personnel will accept.



General Contractor’s will be required to provide the Security Office with a list of all subcontractors authorized a Contractor’s Pass for each job site.  Heavy equipment/excavators included.


This list must be kept current with any additions or deletions indicated.


Any person/subcontractor requesting a pass without prior authorization from the contractor will be refused.



Drive directly to your job site using main roads only.


Speed limits of 20 mph are strictly enforced within Tidewater.


Violations may result in the suspension or permanent recall of your Contractor’s Pass.


Tidewater Plantation H.O.A. Board of Directors, or its assignee shall not be liable  for any loss or injury to persons or damage to property while traveling within Tidewater or while working on the site.



All persons issued a pass will have their job site(s) listed on the pass and will be limited to these locations only.


Violations will result in revocation of the pass.



All vehicles must be parked within the job site property or paved street adjacent or in an area designated for contractor parking by Tidewater security. No construction vehicles or vehicles of construction workers are permitted to be parked overnight on Tidewater streets or at the job site.  Overnight parking of special construction equipment may be granted by the DRB on a case-by-case basis.


Weight limits for the bridge accessing the South Island neighborhood of Tidewater Plantation are strictly enforced.  Contractors agree to adhere to the posted weight restrictions with the complete and full understanding that if they violate the weight restriction, they will be held responsible for any damage to property and/or people caused by such violation/


Any large construction vehicles with multiple wheels, especially a fifth or tag wheel, are required to have all wheels down while on Tidewater property


Adjoining properties may not be used by workmen for access to the job site.


Workers are to remain in their immediate work area.



The General Contractor or job site supervisor will be responsible for confiscating the passes upon completion of each job or termination of the employee(s) and returning same to the gate house.


Contractors, subcontractors, and their employees who no longer have a purpose for access to Tidewater on a regular basis will be required to turn their pass in to their employer/supervisor or Tidewater security prior to leaving Tidewater.


The general contractor, subcontractor and/or job supervisor shall be responsible for notifying Tidewater security whenever they terminate the services of any individual employee or subcontractor for whom they authorized the issuance of a Contractor Pass.


This will cause pass privileges, under your authorization, to be revoked.



All contractor personnel must leave the Tidewater property each day before 7:00  P.M.


Working hours are limited to the hours of 7:00 A.M/. To 7:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, including clean-ups.


Working hours are limited to the hours of 9:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M.  Saturday.


NO work is to be performed on Sunday or Holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).



Work which is noisy or otherwise offensive will not be allowed on Saturdays or holidays if it is being done in close proximity to occupied homes or property or is annoying to property owners or guests.


You are required to check-out at the gate house at the end of your workday.



No fishing, hunting, swimming, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or other activities unrelated to the job shall be permitted.


Firearms or other weapons are strictly prohibited within Tidewater, and vehicles shall be subject to periodic search by security personnel.


You are not allowed to bring dogs or other animals on the property.



Project identification sign/box must meet the exact specifications and design of the Design Review Board and shall display both Tidewater and City of North Myrtle Beach Building Permits.


The temporary meter base must also meet Tidewater Specifications.


Both the Project Identification Sign and temporary meter base shall be erected in an approved location.


Information and specifications may be obtained from the Tidewater property Manager at the Tidewater Administration Office.



Before digging in any road right-of-ways or easement areas, notify PUPS (888)721-7877) to have utility lines marked. You must also advise the TW HOA office. Contractors are responsible for the cutting of any utility lines. The Tidewater Property manager’s Office obtain information concerning utility lines from the applicable utility company and Southern Land & Golf Co., Ltd.


The contractor is responsible for repairing at his cost, to the satisfaction of the Design Review Board Inspector, any damage to roadways, access areas, bike paths, and adjoining properties.


The Contractor is responsible to report to the DRB inspector any cracks in the curb, catch basins, for damage to the pavement prior to start of construction. Otherwise the contractor is responsible for all damage repairs.



The property lines of the job site must be clearly marked and all work activity confined within this area.


All contraction materials, equipment and supplies must be stored in an orderly manner.


The contractor shall furnish and install at each job site prior to the start of any clearing or construction, adequate sanitary toilets and also trash containers of sufficient size and quantity to accommodate the trash waste material and other debris from the project.


Any job started without a trash container located on site, prior to framing, will be stopped until a trash container is placed on the job site.


The site is to be cleaned daily with all packaging materials, paper, bottles, and cans placed in trash containers.


Containers are to be emptied on a frequent basis and not allowed to overflow or generate offensive odors.


Toilets are to be located as inconspicuously as possible on job sites. Shielding is required with white lattice. The entrance of the toilet is to face the structure.



When ordering materials, equipment, and/or service, give the vendor or shipper the name of your company, the name of the person expecting delivery, the exact location of the job site and the project name. This will facilitate service and delivery to the proper person and location.


No after hours delivery is permitted.


Tidewater security will not accept shipments in your name and will not allow "drop" shipments without someone from your company being at the job site during regular work hours.


We encourage you to have a telephone installed on the job site and to inform gatehouse security of the telephone number.


Tidewater telephones are not available for your use.



Absolutely no dumping or disposal of litter wastes material or other debris is permitted within Tidewater.  Anyone violating this rule shall be required to remove the items dumped and clean the area. The violator shall further be subject to a fine up to Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per occasion.  Repeat violations shall result in the revocation of the Contractor Work Permit.



Authorization of the Design Review Board must be obtained before removing any trees or other vegetation from the job site for any reason, including access.


Excessive clearing of the lot is not permitted.  Avoid scarring or scraping remaining trees.


Any tree accidentally damaged must be sealed to prevent disease.


Do not fill or trench around trees.


\No burning including the burning of trees, limbs or underbrush is permitted on the property.



Loud and offensive language or other noise is not permitted.



Contractors shall be responsible for the acts of all employees, subcontractors and their employees, and any other person performing work at the job site under the direction of the contractor.


The contractor, as well as the property owner, shall be responsible for the enforcement of the above rules for the duration of the job.



Tidewater Plantation H.O.A. Board of Directors and DRB, in addition to and not in any way limiting its rights at law or equity, shall be entitled to enforce the above rules through fines or other measures, including the removal of the parties involved from Tidewater, for a period of time or on a permanent basis.  Tidewater Plantation H.O.A. Board of Directors and Design Review Board shall not in any event be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.



Tidewater Plantation Design Review Board reserves the right at any time and from time to time to amend, and / or revise these Contractor Work Rules



We, __________________________________, a licensed contractor, and ______________________________,the Homeowner of the property identified below,  acknowledge that we have received and read the Tidewater Plantation Design Review Board Standards, Requirements and Procedures, as well as the Contractor Work Rules, and agree to abide by them during all of my construction activities in Tidewater.  We will furnish copies of the Contractor Work Rules to all employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers involved in this project.

In addition, we acknowledge that we have been advised of the weight limits for the bridge accessing the South Island neighborhood of Tidewater Plantation.  By our signatures below, we hereby agree to adhere to the posted weight restrictions with the complete and full understanding that if we violate the weight restriction, we will be held responsible for any damage to property and/or people caused by such violation.

Further, we acknowledge the requirement that any large construction vehicles with multiple wheels, especially a fifth or tag wheel, are required to have all wheels down while on Tidewater property.

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